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A label focused on the historical performance of music

composed between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.



Brauner                        Phanthera (matched pair)                              Milab           DC-196 (matched pair)

DPA                              4006A (matched pair)                                     Royer           R-122 (matched trio)

Microtech Gefell       M930 (matched pair), M990 (tube)           Schoeps       MK 2, MK 4 (matched pairs)

Outboard Gear

Pre-amp             Millennia – HV-3D (8-channel)

Converter          Lynx – Aurora 8 (2 units)

Interface             Merging Technologies – Hapi + ADA8 (8-channel converter and pre-amp)

Reverb                 Bricasti – M7M (reverb unit + remote)

Equalizer            Prism Sound – Maselec MEA-2

Accelerator        UAD-2 Satellite Quad, Thunderbolt 

Digital Audio Workstations

Logic X, Mixbus 32C-5, Pro Tools 12, Pyramix 10, WaveLab Pro 9.5


Audio Ease, Brainworx, Celemony, EastWest, Eiosis, Eventide, Exponential, FabFilter, Flux, iZotope, McDSP, MeterPlugs, Nugen Audio, ReLab, Sonic Studio, Sonnox, Sound Radix, Universal Audio, Waves, Weiss

Monitors & Controller

Neumann       KH 120A (2 pairs)

Genelec           8030CP-2 (location monitors)

SPL                  2Control (2 units)



AKG (K271 MKII – 2 sets)

Sony (MDR-7509HD Professional)

Ultrasone (Performance 860)